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A bad lot of components is failing in the field.
The problem affects some Arc Pigs sold between May 2023 and Jan 2024.
No TIG Pigs are affected.
We've solved the problem.
We still offer free repair with fast turnaround (usually one day)
on every Pig regardless of purchase date.
However we are temporarily selling only TIG Pigs while we implement the fix.
If you purchased an Arc Pig between May 2023 and Jan 2024
we recommend you send it back to us for a fix, even if it is working great.
Touchless Ignition
No strike marks
No contamination
One Pig for All Your Welders
1,000 Amps
One Pig for All Your Welders
250 Amps
Continuous Fire
TIG aluminum with
your truck welder
or an AC buzz box

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